Meet Us

WBAF is an initiative, consociating the world’s best small and medium entrepreneurs with the large market players and corporations which through cooperation and mutual support work together in order to provide the easier access to the financing for the small, but innovative enterprises.

WBAF builds the common awareness and involvement in the idea of startups and angel investors.

Startups are the future of our business world, they bring development, new technologies and ideas. The better environment for their development we create, the better our social conditions become. Startups/SME create thousands of new work places. They are the entities which obey the directives of the sustainability and the social responsibility of business.

That is why it is extremely important to support them financially in their early beginnings.

WBAF creates some kind of a network which connects startups with their “guardians”. It builds the social awareness of the huge role that angel investors play in the industrial development. Their help is crucial in the early beginnings and the development process of the promising enterprises. We should remember that the help concerns not only finances, but also the aspect of building significant contacts and cooperation with the key players in the trade – it is an invaluable complex help.